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Intranet Notice Board

This component enables your intranet's users to post notices on an internal notice board. Its uses are not limited to intranets but used for anything from job notices to accommodation. You would still have control of what information is published to guard against misuse. All posts need to be confirmed by the site administrator (you) to be published.


Events Calendar

This module helps you schedule events and displays a calendar on your front page that shows a summary of events for a particular month.


It also gives greater detail when clicked and will keep your site visitors informed on any events you might have planned.


Image Gallery Plugin

There are various photo galleries available. Most notable is the flash animated gallery which uses flash to display images in your web browser.


For a simpler and faster photo gallery, it is recommended that you choose the simplified version. Its main advantage is its speed and simplicity.


Product Database Site

This is, at its most basic just a showcase of the products you might have to offer, with the ability to set and change prices at will. You may also want to use the discount facility to how previous price and discounted price for a product.


The product database can also be expanded into a e-commerce site that has a shopping cart and can be interfaced with a payment gateway to facilitate purchase from your site.